The midnight breeze…

Walking through the midnight breeze..  listening to the sounds of the night.. a sense of calm starts to envelop my restless soul.. The rustling of the leaves, the  chirping of the crickets, the dead silence of the night… As I walk on this moonlit road I contemplate life… Trying to separate the black from the white, the wrong from the right, but all I see are shades of grey… I hear the universe talk to me… Telling me to be true to myself.. Telling me not to let the cruel ways of the world change me as a person… The cool wind tries to force its way in and my lungs fighting to keep them out.. But my mind enjoying the calmness urges me to keep going…

The night comforts my wounded soul… lifts my broken spirit… teaches me how to hold my head up high… I wish this road would never end… I wish this peace could stay intact forever…  My steps gets slower, my breathing gets heavier… I see the end to my journey… I see my destination arrive and I wonder.. I wonder what’s beyond.. I wonder whether I should forsake my destination and continue on this road.. Into the unknown… Beyond everything I’ve ever known…

Not today my heart says… Maybe on another night when I can muster the courage, one day I shall make my journey into this new world that I look upon from afar…


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