The positive effect

The thing that touches my heart most in life is kindness… There is nothing more heart warming than a kind soul… Someone who’s intentions are pure and innocent and always looking out for other people are the best kind of people.. The kind of people that would never want to hurt anyone else even if they’ve been hurt by them.. Off late I’ve been coming across so many stories of people who do good for reason at all… It reignited my belief in humanity…

I’ve always heard people say you attract into your life the things that you think about… What you put out into the universe is what you get from it… I never completely believed in this… Over the past year and a half my thoughts have changed, I’ve changed as a person.. I’ve become more positive.. I’ve seen the things I attract into my life change… I’ve always wanted to do something to help people but it wasn’t a burning desire.. Just a whim, a wish that someday I could do something to help people.. With each passing day that desire is getting stronger and no matter where I look I find inspiration.. It may be someone who’s doing what I want to do or someone who has a story of struggle that makes me feel like my struggles in life are a joke..

I’ve come to realise the power of a kind word, one friendly smile, the power one hug has… If everyone in the world took a few minuted of their day to make even one person smile the whole world would be such a beautiful place.. Thoughts have more power than we realise… One negative thought could make the best day of your life feel like the apocalypse ; while one positive thought could make the most difficult day of your life feel like a day in paradise.. If we all just focused on keeping our thoughts positive and keeping are actions kind and pure we would all have the lives we’d always dreamt of…

Don’t sweat the bad stuff and celebrate the smallest victory!


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