The power of happiness

We often under estimate the power of happiness, specially when combined with love. In life when we feel lost, destitute, lonely,unappreciated even the most promising circumstances create doubt and concern. There’s a certain amount of lack of faith; in ourselves and the world around us. The minute we feel happy and loved it gives you courage to fight through some of the most trying times of life and breeze through it. The previously most daunting tasks suddenly feel easy.

It’s so important in life to have someone or something that brings you nothing but pure bliss. And I feel privileged to have that in my life. I always woke up ok.. Never really happy or sad.. Life went on, moments passed by… Now I wake up with a smile on my face every morning. I look forward to each day. The birds sing, the flowers sway in the cool morning breeze, everything seems more beautiful. Life seems like fairytale in motion instead of a mundane task of doing one chore or another. The street lights are twinkling stars, the blowing leaves seem like they are dancing, the winds whisper songs, the sun radiates warmth and love. There is poetry and romance in the simplest moments of life..

I wish happiness and love could be like pixie dust, a little sprinkle here, a pinch there and the whole world would be covered in a blanket of bliss. People would be skipping along instead of walking, conversations would be songs, there’s never be fights or wars. Oh what a peaceful, lovely world it would be!



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