Creating magic in life..

Very often in life we get so involved in our relationships or our jobs that we forget how to live… Life becomes about solving a work crisis, figuring out the future of your relationship, how the society perceives your decisions, how your family feels about your actions… What we forget in the midst of this all is us.

What is it that makes us happy? What do we really want? What can we do to make life pleasurable now? Everyone plans for the future, but who knows whether we’ll ever make it to the future?

Life’s been rough and very confusing as it is for most people at the prime. Trying to figure out what to do professionally and personally. Where you’re stuck being a little mature and trying to figure out what the right thing to do is, but at the same time being childish enough to have a strong urge to follow your heart and ignore your head. This delicate balance between head and heart leads to miracles. This is delicate balance is also very hard to achieve and sometimes makes you feel torn.

How do you know which one is right and which one is not? Its like a recipe in the making. It takes a lot of trial and error. Some recipes end up being too sweet, too salty, too sour or too spicy. There’s no fixed recipe for anyone. You don’t get manual that tell you put one dollop of faith, with a pinch of risk and a stick of confidence. There is no formula or equation to figure out how much faith is too much, or how much love is too much, or what risk is too high.You kind of have to go with the flow and figure it out for yourself. You’ve got to allow yourself to be torn, lost, confused and have faith that somewhere along the way you’ll create magic!



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